Tuesday, 22 July 2014


So this weekend, I did a little travelling, a little shopping and dining out at my favourite restaurant ever! Wagamama's!
I Filmed all...well most of it and here is the video. I hope you guys enjoy! 

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Have a wonderful day humans!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hello Humans!
So It's the summer holiday! The sun is shining, I'm still wearing black, the birds are chirping and the Eden Project is thriving. How would I know that, I got a year pass, and I keep going. Most people my age grab a cider, go to the beach with mates and....stuff. Whatever those kids do these days. I however, go and stair at flowers......

So now that we have gathered I'm a 90yr old in a 19yr old body.
What have I been up too?
I have been doing work on my final major project for university. Figuring out the concept behind my final collection and the direction I would like my designs to go in. So thats been quite a task! I really need to start figuring out fabric swatches as well.

Other then that, I have been updating my LOOKBOOK. Here are a few looks :)
[pretty much all clothes and accessories from @topmanuk]

A Question I have for all of you lovely humans, how do you feel about YOUTUBE? Would you like to see me VLOG, OOTD and other requests? Is that something you would like, or do you prefer this format? Let me know!

As always its been lovely to talk!
I shall speak with you soon, and bid you a due.