Monday, 24 February 2014

Photoshoots & Seaside


Yesterday was a mission! You would think, Sunday - a day of relaxation...
Yeah not for me. Then again when do you get the time these days!
I was on two photoshoots, one after the other!
One was all day, the other all evening into the night.
Needless to say tired and hungry!

The first shoot was 60's themed
So that was fun!
I was doing makeup inspired by Twiggy, which obviously you have to get perfect!
Otherwise.....Well, dont even bother! Its Twiggy!
Cant be messing that up! shoot.

So here are some behind the Scenes:

Pictures of that shoot shall be up when finally edited!
Photographer - Danielle Wren

And then I worked on a shoot, However no images can be shown due to photographers request. 

And today I went on a house viewing as well as the usual food shop and had a sit on the seaside...nothing particularly exciting!

But Hey! Aside from me working away, I'm sure the fashion fiends are probably thinking....
 But what were you wearing?!?

Well here are a few outfits over the last few days :

So I hope you guys have had a nice weekend/ beginning of the week!
I shall Update you again soon!

So until then!

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