Monday, 10 February 2014

Coffee & Grades


So today was a pretty lazy day, all that I had to to was go and get my results for my last project.
Nothing too eventful.

But me and my friend Sarah, as always. Made it eventful!
Eventful in my eyes anyway!

So first of all.... I guess we should discuss outfit? should we not?
I am a fashion student after all.

Basicly.....Everything that I'm wearing is Topman.
They go down to small sizes....that's enough of a reason for me.
The Pocket Square, Bag and Fox Tail are all vintage, so....cant help you I'm afraid.
However I'm sure you could find something similar! (if you wanted to re-create this look that is)

After finding out our grades in our happy galloping, we ended up in town...
this happens regularly. And in a celebratory fashion, two fashion students went for coffee. THE END!
Not really the end, 
and we didnt actually get coffee. I got a Mango Ice Cooler and she got and Iced Latte. 

After our celebratory not so coffee, coffee's. We went on a strole around Falmouth and had a gander in the treasure troves that are the charity shops!
We found a few things...we weren't 100% on anything...Except the scarf I brought!

It is green, and I very rarely wear much colour if any at all! So for me this was a big deal!!
(that and it reminded me of Confessions Of A Shopaholic, girl in the green scarf, good luck, that shabang, you get my drift.)

Then soon we decided, LETS WATCH A MOVIE! Which was in fact said in that loud tone in excitement. We are very easily excited when we are together.
So we bumbbled off to tesco and went and got snacks....
I tried pomegranate seeds for the first time!

They were so totally wicked!! (That was said that way intentionally, The Incredible's....anyone?)
Anyway! We watched Lilo & Stitch, which is one of my all time favourite films ever. It was super cute. The end.

I hope you guys had a splendid day too :)
And I shall natter with you soon!

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