Tuesday, 22 July 2014


So this weekend, I did a little travelling, a little shopping and dining out at my favourite restaurant ever! Wagamama's!
I Filmed all...well most of it and here is the video. I hope you guys enjoy! 

If you Guys want to follow me on any other social media here are my links 

Have a wonderful day humans!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hello Humans!
So It's the summer holiday! The sun is shining, I'm still wearing black, the birds are chirping and the Eden Project is thriving. How would I know that, I got a year pass, and I keep going. Most people my age grab a cider, go to the beach with mates and....stuff. Whatever those kids do these days. I however, go and stair at flowers......

So now that we have gathered I'm a 90yr old in a 19yr old body.
What have I been up too?
I have been doing work on my final major project for university. Figuring out the concept behind my final collection and the direction I would like my designs to go in. So thats been quite a task! I really need to start figuring out fabric swatches as well.

Other then that, I have been updating my LOOKBOOK. Here are a few looks :)
[pretty much all clothes and accessories from @topmanuk]

A Question I have for all of you lovely humans, how do you feel about YOUTUBE? Would you like to see me VLOG, OOTD and other requests? Is that something you would like, or do you prefer this format? Let me know!

As always its been lovely to talk!
I shall speak with you soon, and bid you a due.

Monday, 2 June 2014


Lately I have been feeling...Alien.
This may be due to the fact I have been watching a lot of Sci-Fi movies.
but here are a few outfits I have been wearing as of late :)
I hope you enjoy x

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Where have I been!? ..... like for siri and apple.

I'm sorry my posts have been, sporadic....is that the right word?
Lets all just assume thats the right word.
YAY! English language,

So, I have started a new project at university, at first, wasn't feeling it.
But now, I'm quite enjoying it!
I'm doing a collection about Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis.
Now I know what you may....or may not be thinking.
(I saw that eyebrow raise. stop it!)

"How would one take such an endless topic, and make clothes of such a thing!"
If you were a character from downtown abby maybe...or the queen.
Hey Queen if your reading!

How, is by simply reading about it and taking inspiration from the colours and textures that I feel evoke the stories people have sent into me (How kind of them, and thank you if you did and your reading, again, hey! - so many hello's today)

Apart from that a week prior I went to the Isles Of Scilly for the World Championship Gig Rowing event, lots of sport, lots of numbers, didn't understand a thing.
However!! I did look at what they were wearing and did some sketches, took some inspiration. I'm not particularly sporty in the way I design, but theres inspiration in most things! (inspirational quote there I think?)

And I guess I should end this post by saying.....
If you would like to see any of my work feel free to just comment and say something along the lines of......I want to see your work, orrrrrr YO, SHOW ME YA WORK! WERK! YAAAS. But one wouldn't approve I don't think (queen wave.)

Anyway! Heres 2 quick OOTD's - first outfit, all from top man.
2nd outfit T-shirt from the brand HYPE, jeans and shoes and sunglasses ...... Spin the wheel of brands, oh you guessed. TOPMAN! hooray! you won, nothing.

And with that, Goodbye Humans, sleep tight! 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Casually Dapper

Hey there!
So today I just went food shopping.
But you know when your feeling internally dapper that day?
therefore you just want to look as dapper on the outside?
It was one of those days.
(it happens)

So this is what I wore today :)

So this outfit consists of....Topman.
As perusal, don't shoot me!
Their clothes are small enough for me and I like to dress dapper/old man, and they sell dapper blazers small enough for me!
(defensive, jeez)

I hope you all had a great day, like I said I only went food shopping...SO exciting!
And I'm spending my saturday night in...while my partner has fun in London...I'm not jealous at ALL!
- totally jealous.

And Until I talk to you humans later
Sweet Dreams

Friday, 28 March 2014

Why hey! Awkward.

So HI!
long time so speak hey?
Ha! (nervous laugh)

I have been up to, a lot. (I'm on easter holiday)
so do forgive. However I have just got my tripod back, my new laptop, and I'm raring to start blogging & look booking again!

But in general I have been just catching up with the family, did some shopping. I have some reviews to come (new segment, such fun)
As well as the little adventures I have been on in the last month or so.

So until then my pretties,
I shall see you then.
(and your little dog too!)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Few Final Images

Hi guys!
SO long time no speak. Well about a week or so. That's not to bad.
I have got back a few images back that you can also view on my professional blog

These are a few final images from the photoshoots I have been working on latley and that you guys have seen behind the scenes!
Now just to see the final products!

When I get more back I shall let you guys know!
I know that I will be shooting a lot more of my design work.
Hopefully soon!

So until then :)
Goodnight ladies and gentlemen

Monday, 24 February 2014

Photoshoots & Seaside


Yesterday was a mission! You would think, Sunday - a day of relaxation...
Yeah not for me. Then again when do you get the time these days!
I was on two photoshoots, one after the other!
One was all day, the other all evening into the night.
Needless to say tired and hungry!

The first shoot was 60's themed
So that was fun!
I was doing makeup inspired by Twiggy, which obviously you have to get perfect!
Otherwise.....Well, dont even bother! Its Twiggy!
Cant be messing that up! shoot.

So here are some behind the Scenes:

Pictures of that shoot shall be up when finally edited!
Photographer - Danielle Wren

And then I worked on a shoot, However no images can be shown due to photographers request. 

And today I went on a house viewing as well as the usual food shop and had a sit on the seaside...nothing particularly exciting!

But Hey! Aside from me working away, I'm sure the fashion fiends are probably thinking....
 But what were you wearing?!?

Well here are a few outfits over the last few days :

So I hope you guys have had a nice weekend/ beginning of the week!
I shall Update you again soon!

So until then!

Monday, 17 February 2014

New Projects & Outfits

So I have been terribly busy with a new project.
Therefore I haven't had much time to myself!

But in the time that I do have I have been updating my lookbook :)
shameless self promotion, ha!

Here are a few looks from the last few days :)

The first outfit I wore when I went shopping with my sister, as I travelled up to see my family this weekend. It was lovely!
Lots of food, laughter, shopping and a nice warm house.
Can't ask for much more!

Jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes - Topman
Bag - Zara
Pocket Square - vintage

And now I'm back in Falmouth :)
So We have just started our new project, thats coming along like every project....slowly!
But I will get there.

Anyway, in my lunch break I decided to take a picture of my outfit :)

Jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes - Topman 
Bag - Zara
Scarf - Vintage 

And yes, we can all concur that I have a slight Topman addiction.

As for Photoshoots, I should have the images for the last shoot up very soon! And I shall be working on a new one on Wednesday! So that should be fun! 
And then the week after I am going to see my partner so....Lots of bloging and outfits!

So until then,
Goodbye for now

Friday, 14 February 2014

Travelling & Vuitton


So today I just went in to collect some work.
And also I travelled home today! For the first time in a while.
Obviously because of the weather I had to get picked up.
Long car journeys....aren't they splendid? (debatable)
With my grandparents and mother making me laugh all the way.

So as always here is what I wore today...
Jumper and Jeans from Topman (isn't that a surprise) 
All black, surprise surprise!
This has to be one of my favourite outfits of mine. 
Although its simple, to me its fun...because I feel like a super spy! Kim Possible eat your heart out.

Now when I got home I was greeted with this beautiful box...
So as you can imagine I just about lost my shizznick! 
The way Louis Vuitton wrap there items is just impeccable.
Now the reason I was so surprised to find it so beautifully presented
was because I didn't order anything too extravagant! 

And inside was what I ordered...

A book to add to my collection of 3 other books that I own! hah!
I don't particularly like books, nor magazines (I don't own any magazines, they bore me)
But this book is so amazing! Especially for inspiration. The imagery is stunning
You can find this book on the Louis Vuitton website under the "Fine Books" section.
Their description of the book:
"A must have for art lovers"

My main surprise with this was that its so big! I brought this with intention to have it as a book that I can keep in my bag for some visual inspiration......but NOPE! this thing is like a bible! So warning if you do buy this book....Its not a light one. 

I hope you guys had an eventful day :)
If you would like me to post some images from within the book
so that you can decide before purchase as there really isn't anything on the web
that I could find. Had to buy it blind as they say.

Until next time

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rain and Burgers

So due to the weather folks
busy day has been cancelled!
We got our new project which is fun!
And so I shall show you my outfit,
(Jacket, jeans, top - Topman. Gloves - Vintage. Scarf - Charity Shop.)

Sass was included. bad weather didn't impress. 

So after getting our new project and because the weather was cold and wet.....and just unpleasent to say the least. Damn you mother nature!
Me and Sarah went to have dinner, in a place called Meat Counter.
The food was a-ma-zing. Definitely cheered us up I think!


The interior design of this place is so amazing! And so is the food. Its super fresh and succulent!
I love it here! And I recommend anyone in the area to definitely check it out!

SO that was a short post but as I said, today's weather hindered any exciting activities.
I hope you guys enjoyed nether the less.

Have an awesome day, hopefully a little dryer then mine was!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Coffee & Grades


So today was a pretty lazy day, all that I had to to was go and get my results for my last project.
Nothing too eventful.

But me and my friend Sarah, as always. Made it eventful!
Eventful in my eyes anyway!

So first of all.... I guess we should discuss outfit? should we not?
I am a fashion student after all.

Basicly.....Everything that I'm wearing is Topman.
They go down to small sizes....that's enough of a reason for me.
The Pocket Square, Bag and Fox Tail are all vintage, so....cant help you I'm afraid.
However I'm sure you could find something similar! (if you wanted to re-create this look that is)

After finding out our grades in our happy galloping, we ended up in town...
this happens regularly. And in a celebratory fashion, two fashion students went for coffee. THE END!
Not really the end, 
and we didnt actually get coffee. I got a Mango Ice Cooler and she got and Iced Latte. 

After our celebratory not so coffee, coffee's. We went on a strole around Falmouth and had a gander in the treasure troves that are the charity shops!
We found a few things...we weren't 100% on anything...Except the scarf I brought!

It is green, and I very rarely wear much colour if any at all! So for me this was a big deal!!
(that and it reminded me of Confessions Of A Shopaholic, girl in the green scarf, good luck, that shabang, you get my drift.)

Then soon we decided, LETS WATCH A MOVIE! Which was in fact said in that loud tone in excitement. We are very easily excited when we are together.
So we bumbbled off to tesco and went and got snacks....
I tried pomegranate seeds for the first time!

They were so totally wicked!! (That was said that way intentionally, The Incredible's....anyone?)
Anyway! We watched Lilo & Stitch, which is one of my all time favourite films ever. It was super cute. The end.

I hope you guys had a splendid day too :)
And I shall natter with you soon!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Busy, Busy Bee

Hello There!

So today was a long, long day. My feet, Have given up on me.
However, The outcome and the day its self was SO much fun!
I would prefer to be busy, than sat on my bottom playing Skyrim like a hermit anyway.
(don't get me wrong, that is my goal for tomorrow, for sure!)

So, to start my day...after showering, doing hair, putting on my face and brushing the nashers
you know, the usual.
Then comes the crucial time to pick the outfit!
So here is my OOTD - outfit of the day. (Jeans, jumper and scarf - TOPMAN. Jacket - God knows)

So then I went on my merry old way.
Now if your in the UK at the moment, specificity Cornwall. You know that the weather
has been....less then desirable shall we say? So me hoping for a bus, ASAP, was apparently
not going to happen. And didn't happen for over 30 mins.

Now when I finally got to my location, It was time to work!
I was doing makeup on two shoots, at the same time. As well as touch ups, helping with a bit of styling and hair on one of them. The photographers are:
-Natalie J Reading,
Model: Cleo Lim
Makeup: Joshua Mitchell-Fowle
Styling: Harry Bartlett
Photography Assistant: Danielle Wren

-Jack Coding, Models: Unknown

And Here are some behind the scenes of the shoots, me working away and obviously, a photoshoot isn't a photoshoot unless you have a little fun!

Serious Face! 

Oh Cleo! 
Selfies Did Happen, No Shame! 

And then Off I Go Again! Next Photoshoot! 


Final Images from the photoshoots will be uploaded when fully edited :) 

And now I'm at home enjoying some Lemon Green Tea, splendid and well deserved. 

I hope you guys and girls enjoyed my first actual post!

And until next time
Sleep Well! I know I will!